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scheduling and meds thoughts

I'm trying to devise a new routine that takes into account the needs of me and all of my animals. In no particular order, I need time for:

  • personal reading and reflection

  • grooming, feeding, relieving, and playing with Loretta (15 minutes or so)

  • Inca things (five minutes a couple of times a day)

  • Sable time (occasional 3 or 4 minutes)

  • five or six two-minute relief times for Loretta throughout the day

  • Loretta's wind-down time (5 minutes)

  • class stuff (depends on the day)

  • homework (depends on the day)

  • church stuff (depends on the day)

  • music and writing time (would like to devote an hour to this each day)

  • home and me stuff (meal prep, housekeeping, getting ready for various activities, meds)

  • Sierra time (woven in among other things because she's a good multi-tasker)

  • social time (phone, MSN, and face-to-face)

I really do not know how I can or will do all of this. Perhaps it seems silly to build in 15 minutes of cat time; but it's what makes them pleasant and it's good for me too. Taking time for them serves as a sort of "time out" for me to pause and think about things, get my mind in a good space, etc. That alone is reason enough to do it; and if I slack on other personal things, I can't and won't slack on cat time. But looking at this list, no wonder I am tired all the time, especially when I don't sleep well at night. Last night was a prime example. I went to bed around 11:30. I have now been awake since 3:30. I think that I have some mild pain; but I have been fighting the idea of pain meds. I should follow my own advice and remember that this week is not an endurance contest. I walked three miles in the heat yesterday without using my inhalers. I am feeling the impact. Where are those sillly things, anyway? I know I packed them...


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