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Hebrew note

It's been a while since I posted a substantive Hebrew note. I'm very fatigued, and for people who do not know Hebrew this will probably not make much sense. I'm posting it as much for my own record keeping as anything else.

My greatest difficulty in Hebrew concerns shevas and dagheshes. This is apparently problematic for many people. It is problematic for me for a different reason: they are omitted in braille. In some respects, Hebrew braille does the reader tremendous favors. In this regard, it does me a tremendous disservice. I must memorize where these go, and it is extremely tedious considering my memory difficulties. I keep thinking that I may do better now that dog training is done. However, the heat wave is here, and I took a four-hour nap this afternoon. I have missed my vitamins most days this week. (I must stop thinking I will be all right for a few days without them because I never am.) I will also be watching C again starting on Monday. I think this may brighten up my days a bit. It will also challenge my energy level. I must find a way to conquer the sheva and the daghesh!

I want to really learn this stuff. I also want to find a way to get involved with whatever is going on with Hebrew braille standardization. I don't know how or who to talk to. I want to see quality scholarly resources available in braille, and I want to see it become possible to work with Hebrew electronically in a reasonable manner.


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