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fatigue and vitamins

I am battling fatigue once again. I have been off my vitamins for the better part of a week. This happens often when I travel. I think I will be all right for a few days when I get back while I reacclimate to the routine at home. I refilled the med boxes this evening, and we will see how many days it takes to refuel my energy reserves. I suspect that I will find that I need the vitamins badly. Alexis had a great idea: getting four boxes and filling for a month. I suspect that I also have another underlying reason for going off over and over: a fear of being unable to afford to stay on the vitamins and a feeling that I need to learn to cope without them. This is a realistic fear; but if I cannot manage without them, then the solution has to be finding a way to afford them. It disturbs me that writing on Loretta's web page for 20 minutes has fatigued me!


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