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my little family

The good news tonight is that my little team is really falling back into place. Loretta and Sierra hit it off from the moment they met. Loretta and Inca now regularly give each other kisses just like Meg and Inca used to do. While I was giving Inca her time on the couch earlier, Loretta came up and gave her a big kiss on the face. Inca just purred like it was all good. In fact, she came earlier and slept on my bed for about an hour. Sable is even walking past Loretta without glinching, and she is returning to her old happy-kitty habits (banging on the kitchen door, using her scratching post, and pigging out). I really think my cats felt that something was wrong when Meg was not working, and they feel better now that I have a dog working again. Meg visits and plays every couple of days, and life is good for the fuzzies.


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