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I found it! I found it!

I loaded up WorldCat on my laptop--because it always crashes my desktop for some reason. I put "Hebrew" in one field for a keyword search and "braille" in another. Far, far down the list I found it! The Story of Hebrew Braille by Harry J. Brevis, published in 1973. Available in one location, Hebrew Union College. I filled out my interlibrary loan request and noted this in the field; and I wrote, "I can't buy this anywhere. I will pay whatever they want for shipping it," or something to that effect.

There was just one problem. I got a note back saying that HUC doesn't loan out materials.

I WILL NOT BE OUTDONE! I did not work this hard to get stopped a two-hour drive away from the book! HUC is in Cincinnati! I started plotting to find someone to drive me there.

Then it occurred to me. Why not call the library and explain the situation and see what happens? Perhaps they would make an exception considering the type of book it is and the fact that I can't drive. I don't like playing the blindness card; but it is rather difficult to arrange transportation to Cincinnati, and the worst that could happen is they would say no and I have to do it anyway.

It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I got a nice lady on the phone who explained that they certainly do loan out materials and that the reason for the denial was that their library would be undergoing renovation in the fall. She offered to process the request if my librarian would email it to her directly.

It is done. I await the book!


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