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shrieking dog

Last night Dad and I took the dogs to the vet. The original plan was for him to go into the room with Meg for her Phenobarb level and me to go into a room with Loretta for a yearly rabies vaccine and a nail trim. It all changed once we got there.

Loretta didn't need a vaccine because three-year vaccines are, in fact, recognized here as long as I have documentation (and I do). So she only needed a nail trim. So the ultra-bouncy-sweet-talking techs came and took the dogs away. Neither dog is used to this kind of talk--they're used to a simple command and a calm "good girl." I don't like anybody "baby talking" my dogs, and I don't think it's effective for getting them to sit still. And I really don't like having my dog taken away to the back room without me. But I let them do it. What can really go wrong with a nail trim and a step on the scale?

A lot.

I suddenly heard a shriek that I've only heard twice in my life: once when Meg had an episode and once when a family pet had a slipped disk in her back. I was sure that it wasn't Meg--the bark was too deep. It was also followed by the sound of Loretta's whining, which is unmistakable. And it did not stop until they brought her back to me. I was horrified. Nothing about these procedures was supposed to be painful!

I tried to be nonchalant about it when the tech brought her back. "Was that one of my dogs shrieking?"

"Oh, she doesn't like to have her nails clipped."

No dog shrieks over having her nails clipped. I looked at her nails when I got her home. She didn't fight me; but they are cut back all the way to the quick, and they look painful to me. This morning on the way to campus, she kept stopping abruptly for no reason. It was nice and cool out; and the only thing I can think is that her feet are sore. No more trips back to the back room without me!


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