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I have spent the weekend cleaning and moving things. I moved a set of bookshelves out of my room--I am creating a mini-library of sorts in a particular area of my house. I moved a litter box out of the front room and into my bedroom so that the cats can be nicely locked away occasionally. Actually, I'm aiming for better control of cat box scent, and this was also a good opportunity to scrub Cat Box No. 1. I must continue singing the praises of the new Littermaid design. I can take it apart, clean it with no fuss, and there is no litter in the motor! This box will be lasting A LOT longer than the previous box!

Loretta is now having a lesson in leave-the-box-alone-all-day-long. The cats are having a lesson in the-box-is-located-in-here-not-in-there. I am writing, and all is nice and peaceful because Meg is visiting and snoring.

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