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end of day

I am sleepy, and...

I am tired of popping sounds outside my window. My dog and cats are also tired of popping sounds outside my window. My dog would like to go outside so that I can go to bed, but said popping sounds prevent said dog from going outside, so I will not be sleeping very deeply because I will be listening for the end of said popping sounds and the beginning of said dog's whining.

A little black cat has not eaten in three days or so. I should have known. She has been jumping on my desk (kitty lingo for "Mom, please fill my food bowl now!") The food bowl is full. She has been crying A LOT. The vomiting doesn't surprise me. I have instituted the pumpkin, which she is gobbling. The cat food is located on the landing on the top of the stairs, which is not air conditioned. I wonder if it is losing its freshness... Sable and Sierra are eating it with no problem; but Inca is older and seems to prefer ultra-meat flavor. We will see what happens if I bring it inside... I do not want to repeat the vet/enema process, although it's about time for the annual check-up anyway.

One good thing: MY NOSE IS CLEAR! I actually know what it feels like to breathe normally!

Goodnight... Maybe the popping will stop in one hour and two minutes.

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