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rheumatology update

Finally got the bloodwork and X-rays done. I spent two hours at the doctor and lab and an hour waiting around on the cab. I found out that the cab had already been in my area once and she had not dispatched him to me. Why I do not know. He was the only driver in town. The other one is off taking someone to Indy. I still maintain that we need some kind of bus service between here and Indy so that cabs can be available to people in town who need rides. Of course, the driver went on about how they love the Indy runs because they bring in so much money. I shouldn't have mentioned having heat-induced asthma. He just said, "Oh, so do i." I doubt it. At any rate, an hour of my time is mighty precious to me. His response to all of this was, "There is another cab company." Yes, one that doesn't pick up the phone.

The appointment went well. Now that I've done the tests, I can go back up to 10 mg of Prednisone. She's thinking of starting me on Sulfasalazine once the results are in--I think she thinks it will show something suggestive of rheumatoid arthritis. It's rather significant that I can't lift a full milk jug easily without Prednisone, but I can lift a 40-lb suitcase on 10 mg!

Sulfasalazine takes time to kick in, so I will stay on the Prednisone for a while until that begins to happen and then wean more slowly. On the 7.5 mg, I can still lift most things, but my piano playing and meat cutting are impaired as is climbing stairs and inclines. Looking back at my life, I've always had difficulty with grasping and cutting meat; and I wonder if these were just early symptoms that I didn't know to talk about. After all, I don't really feel pain until it is intense...

Hebrew calls...


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