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med update and Hebrew and Greek stuff

This will be a hodge podge of medical stuff and Hebrew and who knows what else. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, so here goes.

I called the rheumatologist's office about the warning on the Sulfasalazine. She said she'd like me to try it and monitor for breathing difficulties or rash. I am willing to do this. I took the first dose (500 mg) this morning and have not had any difficulty today. I think/hope that's a good sign. I was pretty quick to react to the Daypro.

I made a huge leap in Hebrew today. I did a bunch of editing in the translation table for JAWS, and now most of the characters display correctly, even in Word. I'm not quite done with my tweaking project, and I'm very proud of myself. A bit more tweaking, and I may just be on my way to really creating some seriously usable resources. I can use the same techniques to work through modifying Greek.

I got on the phone with someone from the National Braille Association to ask about Greek texts. I learned a very interesting piece of news. NBA is ceasing textbook production and transferring their entire catalog to some other source, to be announced by August. They have removed the catalog link from their site and apparently are not distributing right now. I did manage to get a list of Greek texts; so whenever the catalog settles, I will be able to order whatever I decide to use. It will cost me a lot--NBA charges based on braille page count plus binding for each volume. So along with each title, I got the number of pages and number of volumes. I suppose the new producer may have a different rate.


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