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some hope

I have a bit of hope today.

It is possible for a person who reacts to aspirin to "desensitize" by taking very small doses, working up to a large dose, and finally taking a maintenance dose every day to remain sensitized. This allows the person to take aspirin-related drugs and also to eat salicylate foods. One indicator for it is when an aspirin-sensitive person has arthritis and needs one of these drugs. Another is recurrent nasal polyps.

I reacted to 500 mg of Sulfasalazine. My target dose was 2,000 mg. I wonder whether I might tolerate 500 mg after aspirin desens and whether I could work up extremely slowly to the target dose.

The trick with desens is to find an aspirin dose that I don't react to.

I don't feel at peace about the Methotrexate. I think I need to exhaust my options, and then if I do something like that I need to not be in classes. I need the wiggle room to deal with potential complications.


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