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personal notes on how I'm doing

Day two back on Sulfasalazine: So far so good. I'm having less side effects than I did last week. I have implemented a specific plan for eating before taking meds. This worked with reducing Topamax side effects, and it seems to be helping with this as well. I'm very pleased, and I'm still energetic though not euphoric. I finished yesterday's Hebrew and did an extra lesson before going to an appointment with Alexis this afternoon. Being pain-free definitely has advantages that I never knew existed!

Hebrew: Charts, charts, and more charts! The key to my success seems to be organizing notes and making charts so that I can find things easily. The book is in ten volumes, and I am about to start volume 4. Since I can't carry them all with me wherever I go, I must be able to locate things in my note files and jog my memory. I'm getting there, but it is very tedious. Taking this course alone in the summer was absolutely a good idea. It is a full-time job! The results are very much worth the effort!

Dog: Loretta is really blooming! She is getting the hang of sliding under chairs, sliding out from under chairs, sitting nicely while people pass us by during our waits for cabs and other things, etc. Thankfully, she is losing the desire for constant pets and learning to take them when I allow them. Her daily romps with Meg are a source of tremendous joy to both dogs and me!

Deep cleaning project: If this energy level keeps up, I shall get ahead with the Hebrew and do a mad dash to finish the cleaning project on Thursday, and I will be extremely happy in the evening. I would like to have some company on Friday evening as a fun thing. I even managed to locate some.

Other projects: Once Hebrew charts are organized, I will only have to maintain them and I will be able to move faster. I am close. Much of what I am doing now is playing catch-up because I did not know how to do this in the beginning. When I reach the maintenance phase, I will be able to devote some of this time and energy to other projects that I have started and that I would like to get going. I very much need things to keep me busy--preferably more than one thing so that I don't have the problem of monotony and hopelessness.

I have really not felt this well physically in years. If I can manage to stay free of infections and tolerate this medication, I will be the happiest person alive.


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