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scanning and Hebrew

The big book is done--it was done yesterday at 3:00 P.M. And it scanned beautifully! For the amount of pain it cost me, I'm relieved beyond description that the scan is near perfect, including the text close to the spine. That rarely happens with theology texts.

I sat in on the official Hebrew class last night. Some explanation is in order here. I am registered for Hebrew along with everyone else; but I am actually studying with a new professor who is "brushing up" and will eventually be teaching the course. We are using a different textbook (one which is available in braille), so what we cover and what "they" cover may or may not even go together.

My purpose in sitting in last night was to determine whether a blind student could effectively participate in the standard class if the textbook issues were solved. It so happened that we were all on the same page last night; so it was a good night for me to sit in. I was able to keep up very well. The professor read what he was writing on the board and described particular spelling features he was pointing out. The only thing that I would have had to modify would have been finding a way to take note of things in my book. He has the other students doing a lot of underlining, circling, etc. I can understand why. It just wouldn't work for me. I probably would have been fine without it; but another student might really need to take note of such things and be able to remember that note was taken.

My success with Hebrew is quite dependent on note-taking, which is dependent on facility with the Hebrew keyboard. Any other blind student who takes this course would need to develop this kind of facility, and that would necessarily slow down progress during the first little while. I think that a blind student could probably participate in an advanced Hebrew course with few difficulties if the text was available--and certainly in a course which was based on straight reading of the Hebrew Bible if certain factors could be taken into account. However, in a first-semester course, there are significant blindness-related hurdles to overcome that I think would impede effective study with sighted students. It could certainly be tried; but I think that a great deal of support would need to be available for the student during the first few weeks.

I came home with a migraine. I don't know whether it was caused by the scanning of the huge book, by the lighting in the rooms at the school, or by the weather change. In any case, cleaning the cat box was a major accomplishment. I went to bed early, and I will have to be up early and clean during the day tomorrow. I was looking forward to a nice evening, and I hate it when migraines take away my nice evenings. I suppose that's why I'm awake in the middle of the night: I am stealing a bit of "me time" since it was stolen from me.


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