Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: the purse-finding dog

268K 1:26
“Alexis ans I are sitting at Bob Evans again, and I have a story to tell. I could not find my purse, so I decided that it was time to teach my dog to find my purse for me. So when I finally found my purse, I tapped on it and I said, "There's my purse! There's my purse!" And my dog put her nose on it, and I praised her. Then I had her sit, and I moved my purse across the room, walked back to my dog, and I said, "Loretta, where's my purse?" And she ran over and put her nose on my purse, and I told her she was a good girl. Then I had Alexis hide my purse. Then I asked her, "Where's my purse?" And she ran over and put her nose on my purse and wagged and wagged and wagged, and I told her she was a good girl. Then I started having her sit before she got the good girl. So I did "Where's my purse?" She'd put her nose on it, I'd have her sit, and then she got the "good girl." So now she's learning to find my purse and sit with my purse so that I come and find her and then find my purse because it's beside her. So that is the story of Loretta and my purse.

We are about to have good Bob Evans food. Well, mine will be good. Alexis is about to try something new. [food arrives]”

Transcribed by: 3kitties

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