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random updates

I am now up to 1,500 mg of Sulfasalazine per day. So far so good. This is very encouraging. I hope that the eventual wean off Prednisone goes ok--I am tired of craving carbohydrates!

I am making lotion this afternoon because I need to do something fun, I want some lotion, and I'm going to try putting some unscented base into a spritz with distilled water to create a moisturizer for Meg, who has developed incredibly dry skin and is miserable. I'm discovering the real fun of grooming dogs, and it could get even more fun if my spritz idea goes over well.

I'm trying to write a page or two or three every day on my book about my first year of seminary. Progress is slow but steady. Perhaps I will pick up some speed once Hebrew is done.

Only three weeks of Hebrew left. It's hard to believe I'm almost done. We are now into regular readings from the Bible. I never thought I would be doing this!

That's all for now. Laundry and stuff calls.


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