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just some rambling

I ordered a bunch of books for fall classes this afternoon. My professor says I will find them "inspiring, challenging, and a little disconcerting." He taught my pastoral theology class last fall (which I loved), and we read Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen. I cried every time I studied! I wrote him an email back and asked if he wanted me to cry again. I'm looking forward to the course, even with the possibility of being disconcerted. I find it easier to deal with my emotions than I do to deal with pure academics. I think that this semester I will have a healthy blend of the two.

I talked with my rheumatologist's nurse today. I will be on 10 mg of Prednisone for another month and then start weaning off 1 mg every two weeks in September. This could get very interesting. I'm supposed to let them know if I have pain and what dosage I am at. I'll be one pill-happy person with those little 1 mg tablets.

Not much has been going on today except a bit of writing. I feel like I have some kind of minor bug but can't really pin it down. My muscles are sore, my stomach was upset for a while, I'm not very interested in food, and I am running a very low-grade fever. I'm not going to worry about the Sulfasalazine. C was warm earlier this week, so it's possible that I have whatever she had. I do seem to catch every little thing. Hopefully it will run its course quickly.


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