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scanning and school

Scanning has been happening this weekend. My dad has a tremendous library of theological resources, and I am taking full advantage of it. Last year I found a number of books that I could use as sources for my papers in his stash, and I'm at it again. This fall, I will be taking two biblical studies courses (one on the Pentateuch and one on the Epistles) and the last course in the constructive theology series as well as a course called theology for specialized ministries. I will be doing an exegesis paper for each of the biblical studies courses, and I expect to do a couple of papers that require sources for constructive theology.

My back is, unfortunately, not cooperating very well. I used to be able to scan several hundred pages in one sitting. I am now taking breaks after 50 to 100 pages. This is cramping my style a lot. I am determined to get through the boxes, though, as well as the course textbooks I ordered. If one thing will make my life easier during the semester, it would be not having to scan while school is in session unless I order journal articles. I would be able to devote the time to effective studying and writing instead of trying to divide time between working on homework and scanning.

I am scheduled for a demonstration of the Zoom-Ex from ABIsee on Wednesday. The representative tells me that it will not work for college textbooks. I wish that if this was true the site was more forthcoming. I don't suppose it hurts to look at it; and I hope that he is simply wrong and the thing is much more versatile than he realizes. I think he was off-put because I asked whether they offered payment plans. (What blind person runs around with $2,400 in their pocket to pay up front?) They do not offer payment plans but work with Care Credit, which I am not eligible for. I was hoping to solve the dilemma of my aching back by purchasing now if I liked the product. No such luck. The aching back will continue for a while longer until I can come up with the money (assuming I like the product). It is only a few weeks until student loan overrides are available; but several thousand pages must be scanned in the meantime. It's not a good situation for a person with chronic pain; but life goes on.

When I said that I was not eligible for Care Credit, the representative started syaing that he "just couldn't finance the product himself for people." I was appalled that he would assume that I was asking such a thing. He could have said to me that his company is a two-person outfit, and that would have been all that I needed to know. When working with dealers, there is no way for me to know whether I'm working with a tiny company or a well-established outfit.

He asked if I was working with a vocational rehabilitation counselor... If I had never owned a piece of scanning/OCR technology, working with a VR counselor might be a solution for me. Since I purchased my own scanner and OCR, VR will not purchase a new one for me. It was a very difficult discussion to have. Unfortunately, it is so common for VR to purchase technology for a person who is blind that it is difficult for a dealer to understand the plight of someone like myself who must purchase their own and may not have adequate funds to do so. I should note here that there may be other reasons why a person is purchasing their own technology besides a VR barrier. Sometimes the VR system dictates what a person gets; and a person may be purchasing technology in order to retain personal choice and ability to obtain the technology that truly meets the greatest need. Were I to try to work through the VR system to obtain a scanner, I would need to jump through all kinds of hoops to demonstrate why this particular device is necessary over another scanner from a preferred dealer at a better price. It would take months; and as I sit here hurting myself scanning thousands of pages for my classes, I don't really want to take that time. I want to alleviate pain, and I am willing to go into debt to do it.

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