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about Hebrew

I do not like my Hebrew textbook. I think that is the source of my current frustration with Hebrew. The author began with superb explanations and charts, although the explanations were a little over my head at times and I thought that he must be trying to show off his intellect rather than really help people learn the language. By some chapter in the mid-20s, his explanations had become unintelligible and his charts had become disorganized. They are not presented in a consistent format and certainly are not transcribed in a consistent format in braille! He is using one chapter to compare how a particular type of verb is handled in four tenses. I am very confused--my brain can handle so much organizational information at once, and I was doing well to memorize the paradigm for one tense. Perhaps if the charts were organized better, this would all make sense to me. As it is, I am having to recreate them; and the book is now so complicated that I can't follow it at all. The explanations are very sparse. I am just reading through and doing the exercises, seeing if I understand and feeling very much like I am unprepared. This is not how I like to learn!

I looked at one of the grammars in my Logos library. It is a much better resource; but working with it is time-consuming. When I copy text into Word, all the Hebrew text gets reversed. I don't really have enough time to "catch up" on all the things that Thomas Lambdin does not explain adequately or in ways that I can understand.

There are only three weeks of class left. I am doing all right. I will make it through this, and I don't need to let myself sour on it over this book thing. This has been a huge self-esteem boost for me, and I should keep up the skill. I have a lot of resources available for re-learning what I don't feel I learned well, and there is plenty of time for doing it.


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