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about those scannos

When spell-checking scanned books, there are a few things to remember.

  • It is not wise to set an auto-replace for "die" to become "the" or "diat" to become "that." Otherwise the book will end up with instances of "stuthes" and "immethately."
  • If the book could have Latin terms, "diem" cannot be auto-replaced with "them."
  • As above, "dien" cannot automatically become "then." We then have "authences" listening to our programs.
  • I may rather "frequently" do something as opposed to "frequendy" doing it; but nothing is "trently." It is "trendy."

Now you all know what die most common error in my scan projects is. I am hard at work going dirough diose books. Maybe I will finish die project before die semester begins diis fall.

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