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progress report on the day

I am trying to have a good day.

  • Laundry is done and mostly put away--an accomplishment on a good day.
  • I took a bath with some rose essential oil, a treat that I use when I am either very peaceful or very un-peaceful because it is so expensive that I must make it last for months or years.
  • I went out for pizza with my Hebrew prof even though I felt like just sleeping the day away. (Found out that I'm getting an A in the second half of Hebrew, and that is at least worth a smile.)
  • I worked on my master reading schedule for fall semester. So far it looks like adding the course on women in ministry may not be too taxing. Readings for various courses are doable, and papers appear to be spread out fairly evenly throughout the semester. I will need to stay on top of time and mood management.
  • I took meds even though I did not feel like it.
  • My advisor said, "I'm not worried about you," when I told him I may want to add the course. We will talk about it on Monday.
  • The cats are trying hard to make me happy. Inca and Sierra are sleeping together on my bed.

This is a public entry, so I am avoiding talk about why having a good day is an effort. That is practice for reframing my thought patterns.


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