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reflection on Thursday morning's presentations

On Thursday morning, we began with worship led by Dr. Hawkins and a devotional presentation by Dr. Ross. Dr. Ross is a wonderful storyteller, and I wish I was taking one of his courses already. He did his presentation out of the book of Habakkuk, giving us all kinds of background about what was going on during the time period. Unfortunately, I was sitting on the completely opposite side of the room and had left my hearing aids in my other bag at home. I missed a significant portion of the presentation. I also need to learn how to take notes on presentations in story form... I was busy listening and being captivated instead of note-taking... If his courses are like that, I will need a study strategy. I was definitely paying attention, but my memory problem is--well, a problem.

Dr. Brewer gave the next prestntation. I couldn't tell you what the theme was. I just wrote a bunch of things down.

"Your four-word commission: You are God's beloved." This goes along with what Dr. Edwards shared on Wednesday. I really do need to keep working on that self-respect thing.

"You already have everything you need for your ministry. God has given you the gifts and the grace that you need. Education means drawing out the gifts and the grace that are already in you."

My mind wanders... What is my prayer? Life is so short, and I have squandered so much of it! Father, grant me long life and good health, that I may serve you with great joy and complete the work that You have set before me.

It's 11:30 A.M. This is the second time I've heard music in my head this week, and it sounds joyful! Can I develop a strategy for holding on to the song? I lost what I was working on yesterday... [I got a page out and doodled music--and a note worth taking is that I recovered the lost song on Friday.]

A thought on "You are God's beloved..." I have experienced feelings of disquiet because my area of ministry is unusual in comparison with that of most people. I feel like a lone voice... If I am God's beloved, then my ministry is designed and anointed by Him, and no one should speak against it. I should model this and not speak against anyone else's ministry. Often people do speak against one another's ministries!

Someone shared something vulnerable. Dr. Aukerman said that he appreciated it and that once you say something, you can't take it back. Speaking involves risk, trust, vulnerability, and commitment.


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