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reflections on time management presentation

On Wednesday afternoon, David Neidert gave a presentation on "being a balanced seminarian." He talked about six areas that need to be balanced: learning, spiritual life, work, family, social life, and physical needs.

He encouraged us to think about what saps our time. There was a lot of discussion about mindless time-wasters, procrastination, etc. It frustrated me... I have chipped away at time-wasters for years, and there are few left to take away. One of the things J said to me when she started leaving C here was how much she noticed that things just take time for me because of accomodations I need to make for myself. I didn't want her to be right; but she is. Little things here and there add a few seconds or minutes onto my day, and those seconds and minutes add up. There is a reason I dont' spend a lot of time primping my hair, doing makeup, etc. I just don't have the time. My primp time is spent on things like meds, taking care of Meghan, tearing down my equipment that I needed to study the night before... I'm working on figuring out just how much time Ireally have to work with; but it's not what I would like to have available.

Then there is the issue of study time... I can't shortcut by highlighting or drawing lines. My only note-taking strategy is words, and my maximum typing speed is 65-70 WPM. That is pretty limiting. I can read at 350 or 375, but I'm limited if I need to stop and take notes--and to really learn the material, I need to write things down. So my time is cramped--a lot. I cannot skim for bolded or highlighted text. I have to read it all.

He talked about Brian Tracy's Law of Diminishing Intent: if you don't start something within 72 hours, you wno't do it. This is not anything I didn't know. It just confirms what I was already convicted about. Let my yes be yes and my no be no; and if I'm going to do it, do it now.

He gave a little questionnaire to allow us to measure our problem with stress. It was upsetting for me to rate myself high on things like giving up quality time in favor of work, eating while working, losing time for reflection and exercise, leaving things undone on my to-do list, and getting frustrated with other people's slowness. But I also think that it's important to factor in the impact of disability--not to use it as an excuse but to understand that sometimes it does play a significant role and to be aware of this and take steps to off-set that role whenever possible and take time for these things I'm giving up whenever I can.


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