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body of Christ and sharing the gospel

I sent an email to the Chogtalk list in response to some discussion about the Pareto principle: 80 percent of the people do nothing and 20 percent of the people do the work. I copied my entry regarding the Peter study from Josh Hunt's site, and I also tacked a couple of additional paragraphs on the end.

I had intended to go on and write about the functions of the body of Christ as a whole... In my mind, it is entirely possible that disciples are made as the body of Christ functions as a whole, each person operating in his/her own areas of giftedness. All gifts are given for a reason, and all are part of building up the body and spreading the Gospel. Looking at the goings-on in the New Testament church, there were evangelists and there were also people filling other supportive roles: scribes and messengers, people devoting themselves to prayer, people opening their homes as meeting places, etc. I think this is exactly what Bill is talking about; but often people get the message that they have to play the same part in "missions" as the next person, and this contributes to a bit of apathy and unwillingness to do anything.

On a related note, I think that part of the problem is that people approach "church" as a responsibility or routine instead of approaching Jesus as the giver of abundant life and rest for the weary. If we approached him this
way, we would be ready and waiting to receive power when the Spirit comes! But instead, church is something that makes us more weary, and home is our place of rest. We have no idea what we are missing! I pray each of us encounter Christ afresh this weekend. It starts here!


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