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notes from week 1 Beginning with Jesus

A seminary student is teaching my Sunday school class this month from a book called Beginning with Jesus. It's pretty deep stuff, and he told me after class last week that the book was one of the texts for Constructive Theology II, which he just took last spring. The fact that I was able to follow his teaching helped me to settle down my fear about the supposed possibility that I might not be able to understand this stuff. That fear, I realized, comes primarily from my fear of big words that I have to look up in reference books combined with my short-term memory difficulties. It takes a lot of work for me to understand, but I AM capable of understanding. Whether or not I'm willing to do the work is the question--and it's a very important question. If I'm honest, I'll admit that It's much more comfortable to stay in my comfort zone; but if I do that, then I may as well hang up my hat on this journey of faith because God calls me to move forward, not sit in my comfort zone. And since I don't want to hang up my hat, doing the work is the only available option.

Now for last week's notes... Tomorrow I'll be more or less on track. I consider it a bit of an accomplishment that I've managed to make it to my appointments, get some cooking done with Alexis, stay healthy, do some Bookshare validation, have a fatigue day in which I managed to be productive anyway, keep the house relatively clean, do some reading and reflecting, AND get caught up on typing out the notes from the previous couple of weeks. To be fair, all the notes are not typed out exactly as I took them; but they are in some usable form. All this is not bad progress.

Christology is the study of Jesus. Each of us has our own Christology as we study and experience Jesus, although there are some central points we must agree on. Christology boils down to two areas: who Jesus was and what he did. What we call ourselves binds us to him.

The author describes three journeys:

  1. Journey of Jesus (events and background

  2. Journey about Jesus: NT and church teaching

  3. Four sources of theology are Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. God is a mystery. The Nycean creed is a response to heresy.

  4. Journey with Jesus: : discipleship

Read Mark 3. What were my early conceptions of Jesus, and how have they change?


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