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Are there two kinds of truth?

Someone asked a question at the pastor's press conference the other night that I found fascinating. I'll discuss it in another post because it deserves its own discussion. Before I talk about it, I need to talk about my reaction to Jim Lyon's response--well, really my reaction to my own reaction.

When I was in Florida, attending The Foundation Stones course at Cornerstone, David talked about two types of truth: revealed truth and communicated truth. He talked about revealed truth being most important because it isn't spoon-fed to us. ... So I have had a negative attitude about communicated truth, thinking that since it isn't something I discovered for myself, I should brush past and discover it again somehow on my own.

The piece of revealed truth that came to me as I listened to the answer to the question on Wednesday is that my attitude is the attitude of someone with a very unteachable spirit and a lot of arrogance. The truth is not different because someone told it to me. It is simply more powerful for me when it has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, and there are times when the fact that it was revealed serves as a witness for someone else. But communicated truth has its place in my life, and in fact much of what I know about truth and about many other things is communicated in one way or another. Jesus himself communicated truth to people. How silly it would have been for them to be hard-hearted and insist that they would only accept revealed truth!

I need to embrace truth, period, and let it have its full effect in my life!

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