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Today has been a productive day for the most part. I've gotten three new songs put on tape, so I don't have to worry about forgetting them. I had several more going in my head, and I don't really know how to manage the music mania as I used to. I'm certainly glad it's back! I just haven't figured out how to handle so many ideas at once.

C is here, and we're going about the evening combatting my migraine. We've tried making up songs about my animals--I'm not too good at making up songs on the fly. Then we turned on the demo songs from my keyboard and danced. She has quite good rhythm! We're currently in the middle of cooking spaghetti: I taught her how to brown meat, which she had a blast with. I was surprised at how much of it she could do herself, but I guess it isn't very hard as long as she can reach it and has supervision to be sure she's doing it safely. She wouldn't be able to drain it--she can't lift the pan. But the stirring and browning part she was great with! I learned my own cooking so late! But my sister was doing some stovetop things independently by the time she was 11. So I guess it's all in the perspective.


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