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My bloodwork is good, so I don't have to get any more done for a while. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I have gained less weight than I thought I had gained over all this time on Prednisone. Considering my extremely voracious appetite, I am thrilled--and I am going to stop treating myself like emotional dirt. That should take significant stress off me.

I am having low pain levels on a regular basis. Vicodin is fine as long as I stay on my vitamins. However, my rheumatologist is concerned about how I will do off Prednisone. She anticipates that I will need to either go up on Sulfasalazine (not my favorite option due to congestion) or consider Methotrexate or a low dose of Plaquenil. She wants to stick with non-injectables because they have lower risk of infections. I have read up on both of these meds, and they scare me badly. The risks to my respiratory system are significant in my mind because I already have compromised respiratory function. There are reported impacts on speech and cognitive ability. As a singer and a graduate student, I am not ready to deal with this. Plaquenil can cause problems with the retina; and I am not ready to take that risk. I have decided not to make that choice unless and until my pain level is interfering with self-care to the point that I cannot work with it. Right now I need to get the headaches and depressive episodes under control and work on monitoring my pain levels as I decrease Prednisone and get into the fall and winter months. None of this is any picnic. Fortunately, the headaches and mood stuff should subside as I am weaning. This was confirmed this morning at the appointment, and it was a huge relief.

I have been sleeping very little due to pain med insomnia. I came home and took a nap in the heat of the day. I am now going to attack the homework if at all possible. The semester is going to be one major cognitive challenge after another; but I will go on, and I will eat muffins and pet cats and drink coffee and look for other bright spots...


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