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update on the day

I am on day 3 with no migraine! Woo hoo! I am not yet completely convinced that it is the new supplement--it could still be just a coincidence, though I did eat cream cheese on Friday with no apparent ill effects; and it has rained a couple of times since then as well. Now if only I could find something as good to keep my knee pain from flaring... I put a call in to my retina specialist's office about the Plaquenil just because I want to have all the bases covered. I'm waiting for a response, and that will make my choice for me. I am incapable of making it otherwise, and I think the weather changes are going to be difficult for me.

The migraine freedom is a tremendous relief, and I am very glad for it. I wrote my first theology paper yesterday, and it's already back--with a much better grade than I could ever have hoped for. I groaned to my dad last night about the abstractness of some of the reading, and I did not feel confident that I was interpreting it correctly. Getting the paper back with a 94/100 on it was something I wouldn't even have dreamed of. Maybe I WILL get through this semester after all...

My mood is still heavy, but not so much that I can't acknowledge some good things. Besides the paper, I made some significant emotional breakthroughs regarding the reasons for some of my heaviness. I haven't yet figured out how to respond to them; but that will come in time.

Must remember to take a sweater tomorrow--the classrooms are very cold!


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