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good things

I am at home so don't have muffins... But there are still good things to post.

  1. I had a lovely nap this morning.
  2. My dog is just too stinking cute! She comes running from the other end of the house whenever I say, "Loretta, where are you?"
  3. Two cats have been sleeping on my bed while I study.
  4. I do not have pain today, including in my back. (It's a good day to clean house and read, but so far I am resting and reading.)
  5. I love my books so far!
  6. Dr. Trese gave me the ok to go with Plaquenil if I decide on it. I feel a lot better about it now so will decide when the time comes around.
  7. The cats did not fight me about being FURminated this morning.
  8. It is a perfect temperature day!

Four more and I can have some doughnut holes...

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