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Voice Post: morning with the dogs

As usual, I cannot figure out why some things get auto transcribed and others don't. And this one is hilarious! If you don't listen to it and I didn't put a disclaimer on it, I suppose you might wonder what on earth is going on! There is significant sound effect in the voice post. Meg can be heard panting expectantly in the background behind some of my talking. Oh, and of course she does not chew on bowls!

276K 1:28
“I'm here in the morning, there are two dogs in the house, they were play but I don't think they gonna play any more, there they go, they're running all through the house, now they're in the living room, ___, here they come again. Now they're in my room, go get her, ___ Meg. Megan has energy this morning, I'm not sure what happened, so I think they got a little warmer than it was, and she likes that, do you like that? Do like it? That was Megan saying good morning, ___ Loretta, come here. What's the matter Megan, she won't play with you, she won't play with you, she won't play you. What? She won't play with you, make her come play with you, ___ Megan, tell her to come play. So anyway, Megan is a ball of energy this morning and Lorretta is chewing on a bowl in the other room. Megan is wagging, somebody must have done something real nice for her this morning, huh Meg. Say good morning LiveJournal.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post


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Sep. 14th, 2007 11:22 pm (UTC)
This was hilarious. Sometimes, Rachel gets weirdly energized like that, and Caroline just sort of sits there and looks at her like, "What's wrong with you?" Winter just looks down on them from on high, content with her superior self. Lol.
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