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Friday five

I usually don't do Friday Five, but this one just looked too intriguing, especially the last question.

1. What was the most sick that you've ever been?

Hospitalized for pneumonia in 1995, on IV antibiotics that stole my appetite and caused other side effects which meant I could not comfortably sleep my life away. It is frustrating to be told you must eat in order to go home when food makes you nauseous.

2. What disease are you afraid of getting?


3. Are you a big baby when it comes to taking medicine/shots for your illnesses?

I do not like needles but am quite good at pills, inhalers, eye drops, and nasal sprays.

4. Is going to the doctor really THAT bad?

Not usually.

5. Would you have the flu twice a month if you were paid $1,000 for having it?

There are lots of really creative income opportunities out there. This, I must say, is not one of them!


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