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good things

Woo hoo! I have done 20 pages, got the first half of my paper done, and posted in my online class forum! I am sort of on a roll! It is downhill from here!

I forgot something yesterday. I had a frosty and found four chocolate cookies (Chips Ahoy pack) stashed in my cabinet. So I get to post five good things from yesterday.

  1. The weather was gorgeous.
  2. I read 40 pages despite a cold and a sinus headache.
  3. Meg was very playful and fun.
  4. Mom brought me soup.
  5. I had a good conversation with an old friend.

Those are just the small ones. Since five is a weird number, I'll just tack on that my hearing aids are back! That, of course, got its own post.

Now back to work...

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