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Welcome back to grad school!

I have read something like 120 pages today. I still have some 275 left to read for the week--and a paper to write. This does not include planning for the class I will be teaching at my church or any work on my papers. This is an insane amount of work; and most of it is from my original schedule. The class I added at the last minute is not going to be what stresses me. In case this is useful to anyone, it is a bad idea to take a theology class and two biblical studies classes together. I thought I should have learned this last semester--it was a bad idea to take theology, one biblical studies and one history class. I did not learn the lesson.

I will survive. This weekend I am going with the seminary chorus to Washington, D.C. This means that I will scramble to do as much reading as possible tomorrow, go to bed early (hopefully), and get up at some insane hour so that I can leave at 5:30 A.M. on Friday. We will be back at some insane hour on Sunday night, at which point I will attempt to survive on a few hours of sleep and show up for class bright and early on Monday morning--and there had better be chocolate chip muffins on campus at that point because I will need to be celebrating in advance the fact that I will stay awake until 6:00 P.M. I will then crash in bed at home, and the other thing I will have celebrated is the fact that my cats will be nice and let me sleep.

The ten-page papers are going to have to find places on the fridge this semester simply because they get turned in on time. I honestly think I will need to learn how to write them in my sleep.


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