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the driving tour

Driving tour wasn't so bad. A couple of my fellow students are very good at describing things, and I'm very grateful for this. Everyone was snapping pictures of this and that, including each other. I finally whipped out the Olympus and did a bit of recording. Doing something to give myself some memories helped to make the whole thing more enjoyable and give me a bit more feeling of being included. I didn't end up writing reflecctions on the drive. So they will be delayed again. Ah well... I'll just keep you all coming back to check for them! This is not really a substantial entry; but I know that my entry before leaving was a bit downcast and I am feeling the need to keep in touch a bit.

Every semester, there are issues that intertwine. This is already happening for me now: women in ministry, faith in action, sanctification and the holy life, reconciliation... Just enough stuff to remind myself to write later.


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