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report on supplements

I took a GABA supplement for two weeks and had an increase in mood control and a decrease in pain. I have now been off it for two weeks. I also put carnitine back in my box to see if it helped my fatigue. My fatigue and general concentration are better, and my mood is reasonably stable. My pain control is poor. I will start GABA again on Sunday. There is a lot of negative press in general about GABA supplements because there seems to be no concrete evidence whether or not it can cross the blood-brain barrier. So my experience is completely my own. However, for me it is significant. I decided it was worth a try since all of the medications that have ever worked for my migraines, seizures, and mood control are GABA agonists. I seem to have made a reasonable judgment. I don't recommend that other people experiment on themselves; but when doctors start saying they don't know what to do, I am not afraid to experiment.


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