Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: Rambles go Wacko!

394K 2:05
“In this particular voice post, 3kitties is putting things away as she has just gotten home from school and her dog is looking at her bater wowl, excuse me, I mean water bowl, and is very thirsty! And if anything, 3kitties is about to start papering, ok, so she's gonna be research papering, and well, judging from some of the nonsense words that are displayed in this voice post transcription, she may definitely want to proof read some of her papers to make sure they're ok and able to be read lol! So off she goes to do some research papering, and if anything, this was her excuse to voice post, and now, she wishes everyone a nice day and signs off!”

Transcribed by: celrock
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