Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: Her Study Buddy and Other Excitement in the Air!

340K 1:41
“In this particular voice post, 3kitties shows off her, "Study Buddy," which is one of 3kitties 3 kitty cats purring away on the voice post! Then, to top it all off, her package from finally came today, and it was finally delivered successfully, as well, everyone refused to open the door for the delivery guy all week and well, the package couldn't be delivered! That is, until they finally stuck a note on the door asking them to leave the box, and sure enough, it worked! Now 3kitties can have Christmas in October where she'll open a package filled with vitamins, chocolate, and an Mmmm delicious banana muffin! And then, on Friday, 3kitties shall be making baritoes in honor of somebody's Birthday as a means of celebrating! So that's the substance of news to report for now, apart from reading, and reading, and reading for her Theology class! And a word of commentary from the transcriber here, you'll have to tell me your secret of how you got the kitty cat to pur on the phone! After 2 and a half years of having my journal, I still haven't managed to get one of my kitty cats to pur on a voice post yet lol!”

Transcribed by: celrock

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