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thoughts about accomplishing things

Something occurred to me last night as I was scanning 50183842793489 pages for my theology paper and reading 23458198573465 pages for class...

During the seven years I took off between undergrad and seminary, I was at home much of the time. I was certainly not idle--I was often writing quite prolifically. But I was often rather inactive physically. I am now extremely active and learning to manage my health along with this. As I was reading my chapters about Paul last night, I realized that he was both active and prolific as a writer. And he didn't live an extremely long life. Unlike some of our retired missionaries who are still making trips to their countries when they are well into their 80s, he perhaps lived into his 60s. If I look at other figures in church history, this is not an uncommon pattern. Thomas Aquinas wrote his 4,000-page Summa Theologica and lived only to the age of 54. That was not his only accomplishment.

So... Given the fact that I have no idea how long I will live, I cannot afford to be idle, even though I must take occasional days of rest for the benefit of my health. What could I accomplish in a short amount of time if I truly devoted myself? I never realized that I could write so much in so little time... When I compiled all of my notes, journals, and papers from my first semester and did a word count, it came to 196,000 words. That gives a bit of new meaning to this event coming up that is commonly known as NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month), in which people drive themselves to write 50,000 words in one month. kl1964 and I discussed it once and wondered how anyone could write that much in one month. It apparently can be done. ... If you do the math, 50,000 words in a month comes out to roughly 200 words every day--and of course they must be 200 words that contribute to the development of the overall line of thinking of whatever is being written. What if I treated my whole life that way: as something that I expected to flow?

I may surpass the 196,000 words this semester between my weekly 650-word papers for theology class and my five or six 10 to 15-page papers for various classes... We shall see. I have truly missed my reflective writing time. I have been saying that I have not had time for it. I must make time... It is all part of the process of making my life flow. Otherwise my life simply speeds away, and at the end I will regret that it has gone by and I do not remember it.


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