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end of the day

I think a nap is in order. It is very frustrating to be 15 pages from my stopping point and so tired... But that is how it is. Fortunately, my little cold is disappearing, so perhaps I can sleep deeply for a little while, get up and finish this reading, and then take a very very long overnight nap...

I should mention for the benefit of a few readers that I accomplish all of my reading using speech output on the computer--my books are scanned in, and I have a program that reads the text aloud. So I am often walking around the house with wireless headphones on, reading while doing other things. I learned last year that most people skim while I am trying to read every word--when reading with this method, it is really not possible to skim. So this has become my solution to a huge time management problem.

Today, I went with Alexis to appointments we had back to back; and I took my laptop and studied while she was in hers. I made a stew in the slow cooker for dinner, which involved some prep time. I scrubbed one cat box and took out the resulting garbage. (The cats are happy, and so am I!) I ate three times, though I am now experiencing the nice Topamax appetite loss. Alexis and I played with the dogs for a while. I have read some 200 pages while scanning almost three books. (I'm leaving a book in mid-scan to take a nap, too.) I am THIS close to being done with reading for three classes. But it is time for a break. My back really does not feel so well. I probably should not be very surprised.

Why did I push myself so hard? Because if I am lucky, tomorrow I will lounge in bed and write reflections and read the remainder of my class stuff, prepare my Sunday school lesson, and rest; and Saturday and Sunday I will work on papers and try to start getting ahead so that I can sleep myself into oblivion after surgery. I do hope it works.


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