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general update

Not a lot to report lately.

J and C came over for dinner yesterday. C spilled her drink three times, which is very unusual. I noticed that her hand was shaking when I gave it to her... So I started asking questions, and it seems she pulled a muscle or something playing on the monkey bars at school. It was not easy figuring out because J and I kept thinking she had to have banged her hand on something... As soon as she said monkey bars, we both knew what she had done: a few too many trips across and she has no hand strength. Must remember to keep an eye on that hand this week.

I had strange dreams last night: being in church, talking with Mom about some important theological concept, discovering that suddenly I was alone in the Sunday school room because the class had moved and no one had thought to tell me, losing my writing instrument while trying to migrate to the other room, waking up while trying to find it... Interestingly, the room looked like a school classroom in ways--actually remotely like the resource room for visually impaired students from my elementary school. Very strange.

I sent Mom a scan of one of her great aunts' memoirs. The scan is not good, and I had to clean a lot of it up... There are a ton of errors, but nothing unmanageable. I can clean it up with a lot of time. Mom wrote back and told me it was too indecipherable and to please bring her the original and she'll try to re-scan it or type it in herself. Of course, if she scans it, she won't run it through OCR. I don't care much since I already scanned it. I just thought it was kind of interesting that Mom has never seen the kind of stuff that I put up with from my scans in order to read. Aunt Celia's scan was comparable to some of the materials I've had to scan and read from some of my classes!


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