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end of the week

This is a boring entry for the sake of detailing daily life in seminary while coping with a gazillion medical conditions. I think I may have missed my calling. I should have become a juggler.

Today has been a rather difficult day. I am almost certain that raising the Prednisone dosage is not a positive thing for my mood stability. I'm hoping that perhaps the extra 50 mg of Topamax which starts tomorrow may help to level things out a bit; but this is really not helpful. I was just starting to feel perky again...

Today I managed to get my Sunday school lesson finished, a couple of books scanned, a load of dishes washed, about half the laundry put away, the parts for my CPAP machine cleaned out (which needs to happen a lot more often), and a bit of journaling done. Much time was spent playing with dogs. Not really bad for a day when I felt extremely moody...

Tomorrow I need to fill med boxes... Now that I am on a monthly Prednisone schedule, I can go back to doing four boxes at a time. I have a chapter to finish reading for class, a tiny paper to write, an assignment to do for Tuesday's class, and I really need to get some headway made on papers. Ideally, I would like to do a bit of reading and try to get ahead for next week's stuff. I'd like to be able to rest after surgery and not think about what I have not read if at all possible. Oh, the rest of the laundry is still sitting here. I suppose it would be a good idea to put it away.

Good things: I had a nice supply of cat purrs and dog fun today. The dogs were quite energetic, and Meg is back in the habit of licking my toes. She is currently spending the night and enjoying a good night's sleep in the middle of my floor. If I don't trip over her first, I will be enjoying a good night's sleep in about five minutes--but not on the floor. One of these days, I really need some time to write down dog memories... Perhaps I should start doing one dog memory every day, and eventually I would be able to create a book out of them...


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