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new things and an update

I am now the proud owner of the Zoom-Ex from ABIsee. It will take some getting used to in a number of ways; but if I can manage to get used to it, it sure will save a great amount of time and pain in scanning. I don't really have time or energy at this moment to learn it; but it may be a nice project for the weekend if I can get a bit ahead... We will see...

I am home from class this afternoon, trying to play get ahead before surgery. I am feeling very overwhelmed and emotional about many things, part of which I'm sure is due to the Prednisone increase. Plaquenil will not start until some future day... Not only do I need to have an eye exam; but the rheumatologist wants a report on it. This I must just let go until God takes care of it... I have begun signing my emails to my professors, "Persevering..."

Thank You, God, for the cats on my bed--and the cat elsewhere in the house--and for the dogs on the floor... Please give me strength to complete these things that need doing.


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