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Loretta and surgery

I thought a lot about whether or not to leave Loretta at home with Alexis tomorrow or take her to the hospital with me. She does all right if I go downstairs for a while, and I think she would be fine with Alexis. However, Alexis has to leave in the middle of the day, and I don't know that being left twice would be good for Loretta's first time at home without me. I am also in an emotional space where I need stability right now, and I think that having Loretta near me might be helpful.

Fortunately, Dad offered to hold her for me. We have done this once at one of my doctor's appointments. She cried when she could hear me but not see me, but she was well-behaved. So I think the key will be her ability to see me and be near me. Tonight we will run some practice commands so that he can bring her near and she will go gently into that recovery room.


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