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early afternoon update

I slept in this morning--until 10:00! I never do that! Well, I did get up to do Prednisone drops at 7:00... So I have had three Pred drops already, and they just keep coming. I think I'm going to turn into a Prednisone queen at some point. I took an hour to fill my med boxes for the next two weeks. Isn't it a bit silly that it can take a person an hour to fill two med boxes? Alexis amused me while I did it... I am very greatful for her little amusements. I wish they translated well into writing.

I posted my third reflection to the forums for my online class. The afternoon will be spent reading the last two chapters and writing more reflections, finishing my lesson for tomorrow's class, and perhaps getting something substantial written for this journal. I need to do some therapeutic writing. I'm still waiting on the arrival of those extra five hours in the day. (Btw, when is fall back?) It is gorgeous outside, and I wish I felt like sitting on the balcony. Instead, I'm just enjoying looking at the windows and the fact that I don't need to run the air conditioners. It's a good day for resting when I need to... Measuring my activity seems to be the key to staying in good health. Dog and cat therapy is good, too.

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