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hilarious Dad

Alexis and I were at the beauty shop getting our hair done. I had gone first and was sitting with Loretta, waiting while Alexis was getting her hair trimmed. Dad came in to wait and give us a ride home, and he was sitting with Julia and began petting her. Alexis told him that he should not pet her while the harness was on. So he took it off and put it on Alexis' lap! This caused uproarious laughter from me, Alexis, and the hairstylist! He then proceeded to pet and hug Julia, who enjoyed every minute of it. When Alexis' hair was done, she gave the harness to me as if I was supposed to put it on Julia for her. I gave it to my dad and told him to fix the problem he had created. Alexis didn't think he knew how to work a harness. Surprise surprise! He had it back on in no time!

I've heard stories about animal rights activists removing people's dogs' leashes... What is the world coming to? People may be able to just remove a dog's harness if they get a mind to pet! Just kidding! My regular readers will probably agree that it's about time someone had a bit of amusement at Alexis' expense since she spends so much time picking on me!


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