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oops didn't post last night

Stolen from shazza59:

  1. What, when and how did you find LiveJournal? Did someone refer you to LJ and when did you start?

  2. Who in your personal life knows that you journal?

I had been on Diaryland for about three years--back when I started blogging, LJ did not have an accessible signup procedure. In January, 2005, I decided that I wanted to create a new journal specifically to discuss the impact of disabillity and my views about specific issues in life. I wanted to do something more aggressive to attract readers; and I liked LJ's community feature. So this is when and why I signed up.

My dad knows that I keep a journal online. In fact, he has thought about setting up a blog somewhere for his musings. He just hasn't done it yet. (I wish he would.) Many of my personal friends know that I journal. Some of them read here, and a few have their own LJ accounts.

I've also made a number of new friends via LJ--as I often do when I go anywhere online where there are communities. My variety of interests on LJ has really challenged me to relate to people with different backgrounds: some who I might not otherwise have spent much time getting to know. Judging solely by the interests listed on our profiles, zeldakitty and I don't have a whole lot in common... But I came across her journal while browsing for updates from Hurricane Katrina survivors. I hope we get a chance to sit down to a bowl of red beans and rice and a cup of coffee someday--and I'd love it if she'd take me on a tour of the French quarter! I know that New Orleans is forever changed, but I can still experience something of its culture; and I want to hear her stories. Reading her LJ entries makes me realize how bound to my own ways of thinking I can sometimes be. Sometimes that matters--there are places where I need to stand firm in my beliefs. But I also need to have enough flexibility in my life that I can become aware of who people are and relate to them on their terms--and I don't have to give up me to be friends with someone else. Thanks--not just to Michelle but also to the rest of you who aren't just like me--for sharing your lives with me.


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