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the women's meeting

I never did post about the outcome of my choice to go to the women's meeting the other day. I am very glad that I did this. I very much enjoyed getting to know some other ladies; and apparently this event is attended by ladies from various churches in the area. I like this a lot, as it keeps us from all huddling in our own little church groups. I think that maintaining inter-church relationships is very important within the community for a number of reasons.

I was clearly the group baby--most of the ladies were retired, though a few were in my parents' age bracket. I would like to see more intergenerational relationships develop in the church setting. The good thing is that I was not treated as if my relative youth set me apart. I was treated as someone who had life experiences to bring to the table; and I appreciated this. As a bonus, I was offered a ride home afterward.

I tried something new as I was arriving... I was early, and there were some ladies sitting around in the lobby who had finished up a prior activity. One of them piped right up and asked, "What's his name?" Clearly she was referring to my dog. I started to get all irritable--I was cold and nervous, etc. But I walked over and said, "I was about to introduce myself." It seemed to really catch her off guard. She stammered and stuttered and said, "Oh, ok," and that was all. I then had to carry the entire conversation. I made a comment about reading, and she asked if I was able to read. I explained all of my technology, and then she said that she used tapes--she was an elderly lady who apparently had lost some of her vision.


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