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a get-to-know-me thing

1. Name or preferred nickname:
I have used a variety of "nicknames" in my online journey. A few close friends call me Cara, and there was a time when I considered changing my name. I decided that it would be too much of a hassle because of my established online presence; but it still has personal meaning for me. When I was in undergrad and there were many Sarahs on my floor, people called me Sarah Jane.

2. Age and birthdate:
35 as of May 24

3. Location (as general or specific as you would like):
Anderson, IN

4. Where you have spent most of your life:
I lived in TX from age 4 to age 26 with the exception of the two years I spent as an undergraduate at Anderson University. Since 1998, I have lived here with the exception of two years, during which I lived in Florida.

5. What your childhood was like:
I was a deep thinker, initially very active but grew sedentary as I learned that people were not comfortable with my precotiousness and were unresponsive to my social advances. I was very lonely and emotional but loved to learn. I expressed myself through music and writing and loved working with clay, swimming, and reading.

6. At least three positive adjectives to describe yourself:
creative, compassionate, persevering

7. At least three negative adjectives to describe yourself:
moody, obsessive, cluttered

8. What qualities you seek to develop in yourself:

9. How you identify politically, and issues you feel strongly about:
My views are divided on various subjects. I feel that both parties have done things that harm the people, particularly those with disabilities and those in poverty. I am very disillusioned in general about politics. I think that much of it is a game of saying what people want to hear and then not really following through, and I am very angry about this.

10. How you identify spiritually, and in what way you exercise this:
I identify as a Christian and affiliate with the Church of God, Anderson, IN. This is a nominal affiliation for me, and in practice I hold beliefs in common with a number of Christian traditions. I happen to be in seminary, preparing for professional ministry; but I think that it is important that all who call themselves Christians practice their faith in everyday life. I don't believe that being involved in professional ministry makes a person perfect, though it makes a person more accountable for what they do. I struggle daily with questions about how to call the church to better practices of faith without stooping to anger. I, like many other people, experience great frustration and even anger when I think about the difference between what many people espouse on Sunday and what they live during the rest of the week. The thing that tempers my anger is knowing that I, too, have quite a long way to go before I can eliminate myself from the group who does not always practice what they preach.

11. How you identify in matters of gender and sexuality:
female, heterosexual

12. In what ways you express yourself:
I express myself best via writing and music.

13. A subject or idea you could spend a lifetime mulling over:
theology and psychology

14. Something that never ceases to amaze you:
Many things amaze me... I can be literally entranced by certain kinds of music and by certain sounds of nature. The effect is always new to me...

15. If reincarnation exists, who or what you were in a past life:
I don't believe in reincarnation. One life is quite enough, thank you.

16. How you feel about the statement, “Some human lives are worth more than others”:
Absolutely false. I could write an entire novel on this, and I won't do it here. I grew up attending school alongside children who would never live independently... They were friends to me when the "smart kids" were not. If it were not for those children and teenagers, I would have thought that none of my peers cared about me. Those acts of love they shared with me--and sometimes they were as simple as a hug because the child could not speak--were worth more than any grade the child could have earned in school. They were gifts to the community. On some days they kept me from committing suicide. If I could thank those kids, I would.

17. The most private thing you are willing to admit:
I am often fairly open about details of my life... Stick around long enough and you'll learn quite a bit about me... Yes, that is a teaser.

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