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Voice Post: The Long Hull Is Ahead Of Her!

688K 3:36
“In this particular voice post, 3kitties announces that for the duration of today, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, and possibly on part of Sunday, she'll be berried in tons of papers, take homme finals, etc. So she's definitely gonna have a full plate with the school work! Then, her room mate manages to make fun of her subject area of Theology and well, then they go into this discussion about the dogs and how 3kittties hasn't had any breakfast yet and her room mate offers to go get doughnuts and says something about taking Megan out but seeing that she hasn't worked in over 8 months, 3kitties decides against it. Then, they hear the dogs playing and 3kitties thinks that maybe they're biting each other's necks, which wouldn't be good, and then, her room mate mentions something about how Loretta never barks, it's only Julia who barks, and I guess her room mate is into LJ or something, cause then, she says something about how pawpower4me somehow managed to get her dog to bark and then, 3kitties points out how Megan would only bark when she would be looking at squirls! lol! And then well, 3kitties decides to wrap up this voice post and mentions how she's gonna do her best to keep herself pumped up on coffee over the next few days to get through this mountain of stuff. But oddly enough, coffee doesn't exactly keep her awake, so she asks us all to please pray that somehow, she can stay awake long enough to get these papers and other school related things done! And then well, she decides to end her voice post.”

Transcribed by: celrock


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Nov. 29th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
I realize this is a voice post, so I'm assuming it's computer transcribed. But I'm laughing, because it says you'll be "berried"--b e r r i e d! Don't turn too purple! :)
Dec. 1st, 2007 05:08 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm sorry celrock; I just noticed that you did the transcription. But, I still think it's a funny mistake, and certainly an easy one to make. Transcribing is hard; I had to do a bunch of it when I did interviews for a research thesis I did. I really did not mean to offend or be mean. Again, I'm so sorry; it seemed funny that a computer would make that mistake, but we humans make them all the time, don't we?
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