Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: Meghan Madness

This is the story of the big dog switch. Is that Meg or Loretta in my house? And who got the Phenobarbital this evening? It all got sorted out eventually, and fortunately the correct dog got her medicine; but figuring it out was an amusing process. Figuring out how the wrong dog got into my dad's house was even more amusing.

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“In this post, <lj-user="kitties"> talks about the confusion that results from having 3 dogs, one of which lives in the house below us.

We live above Sarah's parents. The staircase that connects our houses also goes to the back door.

When Meghan is up here, both she and Julia have bells, and Loretta does not. When I took Meghan back downstairs, I took her bell off and put it on Sarah's desk.

Later on, Loretta and Julia needed to go out, which is when the fun began. In the meantime, we heard a dog barking but we weren't sure who it was. Meghan has a very unique bark, nothing like any of Sarah's previous dogs. We all know what Julia sounds like.

When both dogs were done parking, they came running to the door so I let them in and went upstairs. A few minutes later, Sarah's dad yells up to us that he needs to talk right now. Sarah says she doesn't like it when he does this. He asked why Loretta was in his house. He had fed her and medicated her.

We figured out that it was not Loretta but Meghan. He said that he had fed Meghan before letting her out to park. So when I let Julia and Mystery Dog in, it turned out that Mystery Dog was Meghan not Loretta.

here ends the transcription of Meghan Mayhem.”

Transcribed by: read2781

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